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Thanks for requesting a Blue Ribbon! This lets people know you support "Water for Life, Not for Profit" and our campaign to say NO to Nestlé's water taking. Fill out the form below and we will bring you your Blue Ribbon, for a suggested donation of $5. Watch this short video tutorial to learn how to tie one on!

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  • Liam Mullins
  • Ht Daly
    I will look to pick up a blue ribbon at the rally, if that’s possible, please.

    And I agree with Izabela – I would love to have more stickers to put on bottled water in the stores. Also I would like to hold a sign outside Zehrs just politely asking shoppers NOT to buy water in plastic. I fear now that the summer sports teams will be buying in bulk.

    Is there a way to reach out to sports teams NOT to buy bottled water?
  • Rita Isley

    we believe strongly in this issue and fight. we want a blue ribbon. my husband works in the water industry, providing safe water for residential areas and we feel the bottled water industry is ruining our environment.
  • Rachel Thompson
    We at KKSA middle school in Etobicoke are committed to bring awareness and action to stop Nestle from bottling our fresh drinking water
  • Alex Laleva
  • George Ivanoff
    I will put up a blue ribbon along with a lawn sign, Let me know where to pick them up.
  • Dorota Lukomska
    Can I get a blue ribbon, please? Also, are there any stickers we could put on the plastic water bottles in grocery stores to let folks know what they’re buying and that tap water is just as good? Also, are we asking the legislators to stop putting so many chemicals in the tap water to entice more people to drink/filter the tap? Thank you for all the amazing work that you’re doing! <3 I’m at home watching the teleconference, otherwise I would have been with your at 10C. :)

  • Catherine Scott
    I will be attending the rally and would like 2 blue ribbons, for myself and my husband.

  • Jerren Helwig
    As a midwife, I boycott Nestle because of the harm that they cause worldwide in the unethical formula marketing. I would be happy to display a blue ribbon
  • Jennifer Pacan
    hi-still waiting for my blue ribbon – i am already on email distribution list.

  • Rob Thornton
    Would be great to have a few of these to give out.
  • Jackie Rumball
    Hello! Can you please send me a blue ribbon to proudly wrap around a tree in the front of my house? Or let me know where I can purchase one in person? I am also interested in applying to become a member of Wellington Water Watchers – am looking at your website for application process. Keep up the great work!! Jackie
  • Brad Jenkins
    Get a Blue Ribbon
  • Carol Woynarski
    Get a Blue Ribbon
  • Brenda Boulanger
    Selling our water for pennies while we pay hundreds for our own water! Get a blue ribbon an support this great cause!
  • Mindy Perry Sewell
    Get a Blue Ribbon
  • Artistic Capers
    Get a Blue Ribbon, Let's stop Nestle NOW. Please pass this on to anyone you know.
  • Artistic Capers
    Get a Blue Ribbon, Let's stop Nestle NOW. Please pass this on to anyone you know.